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Premium Cakes & Ice Cream,
Crafted with Love and Tradition,
Delivered To You


Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of time-honored international recipes, each meticulously curated and baked to perfection. Our commitment to quality and passion for the art of baking shines through in every creation, ensuring that every bite is a journey through taste and tradition.


Our Story

Our sweet journey began in 1991 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where Oleg and Elvina Kulikova transformed their kitchen into a bakery, specializing in the renowned Bird's Milk cake (птичье молоко). Fast forward a decade, and voila! We've blossomed into a charming family confectionery, complete with our own workshop, order salon, and a fanbase of loyal sweet tooths.


But oh, the sugar-coated adventure didn't stop there! Another decade rolled by, and we took things up by opening our confectionery factory. Now boasting the most extensive assortment of sugary delights in all of Kyrgyzstan, we're basically the Willy Wonka of the mountains.



Ic creams

Ice Creams



2022 Wilcrest Dr., Houston, TX, 77042 

Mon-Sun: 12PM-8PM 

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